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And silence surrounds me again, My dreams are too sad… Why are you not here so you can talk to me So you can talk to me, To draw the sky closer to the earth? I cry for you, I cry for you in my thought My heart like a beating clock.

Her career started with English lyrics, but soon switched to her Nader Abou Anas Dating Site language; when asked about her choice to write in Romanian in an interview, she answered that one night, after a moment awakened deep feelings within her, she had to write it down but could no longer find the right words to express it in English.

After trying to find an accurate translation for this song, I can confirm that it is a painful process and it still cannot be done without losing some of the original meaning. The lyrics roll off the tongue in Romanian, while the English translation can only get so close, but it might still help in uncovering some Nader Abou Anas Dating Site the interesting imagery and word games used in this song.

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Contratimp Nu te ştiu, oare mă ştii? Un gol în stomac îmi zice că vii și-ai să mă-nveţi pe dianafară şi-ai să m-arunci ca să te prind.

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Iată-ne aici, dar cum? În mine e ceaţă, la tine e fum, în privire e secol, în noi sunt secunde.

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  • Бринкерхофф терпеливо ждал, пока она изучала цифры.

Hai du-mă acasă, eu tot aştept. Dar gata. Îmi zici să plec, să gata.

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Să nu te mai aştept. Hai cheamă-ţi un taxi, eu mai beau puțin.

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Mai sunt 5 minute, un pahar de vin și uite, mai stau. Mai stau cât de-un sărut, un pas contratimp, o țigară şi-atât.

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Take me home, I am still waiting. My place, your place, wherever!

Romanian Nostalgia – Lyrical Edition

You tell me to leave, to end it. To stop waiting for you. Come on, call yourself a cab, I will drink a little bit more. Every brick counts. Revisiting it can act as a gate to the history of a literary scene that was stunted for too long by totalitarian regimes, but that could never really be suppressed.


For me it means revisiting a place I miss, if only through literature. It even sparks the old forgotten flame that is my national pride.

But alas, it is late, the romantic intrigues and philosophising must come to an end, so the artists retire, but not before reassuring us their voices will continue to be heard and their stories to be told.

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And especially for Ana: tăia-ţi-aș cirezile agreste! Au fost capabili Nader Abou Anas Dating Site moară.

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