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Lucy H. I am 18 years old and graduated High School in May. All of these things make some parts of my life difficult for me to handle. Uneori, când trebuie să treacă prin anumite lucruri, cum ar fi problemele mele de sănătate se poate obține un pic mai stresant pentru mine. Cu toate acestea sunt atât de fericit încât, chiar dacă eu sunt singura persoană din familia mea, care are nevoie de construcții ce așa vreodată, familia mea și toți verii mei mă iubesc mult oricum si le place m-au în jurul valorii de.

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Acum vreau să-ți spun un pic despre familia mea. Besides my parents I have: two siblings, a dog and two cats.

Out of everything I do for Physical activity my favorite would definitely have to be Ballet Dancing. I started doing Ballet at vârsta 3. I am now in a Special Needs dance class.

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În luna iulie my mom and I traveled with my cheer team to Los Angeles for the Special Olympics world games. So? ia care se intalne?

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te cu Gmail cheered for athletes at lots of the sports events and we got to perform our routines. We became celebrities, we were on the news, people stopped us everywhere for pictures and autographs.

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It felt really cool to be famous. I also did Rhythmic Gymnastics for a couple years for Special Olympics as well, și am câștigat o mulțime de metale de aur. De asemenea, am face are nevoie de un concurs de frumusețe specială în fiecare So? ia care se intalne? te cu Gmail, în luna aprilie.

În I won the whole pageant and I got crowned as: Young Site- ul datand o singura femeie. I got to ride on a float in the Christmas parade downtown that year in December.

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I was freezing!!!!! However I thought that was really super cool.!

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I have a collection of 24 American girl dolls. I still play with them constantly when I am not at school, and its my favorite hobby. Atunci când mă joc cu ei ea ameliorează o mulțime de stres meu. In middle school people made fun of me for playing with them at my age, but now I just over look those people, because its what makes me happy. My favorite thing to do with them is brush out and style their hair. Especially with braids.

As far as school goes I am really good at math. I have taken in high school Algebra and Geometry.

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I was definitely better at algebra. I was in a resource Special Ed. I can read very well, but I can still only comprehend at about a 3rd or 4th grade level, so I choose to often read those books so that I can actually enjoy the story. When I was a Junior I went to my school prom for the first time.

When I went to prom it was not like I had imagined it being, but I thought it was so cool and I was overly excited to be going!!!! I danced that whole night constantly. But by pm I was ready to drop and I fell fast asleep on the way home.

I consider myself lucky because I have a whole lot of friends. And they have all been also very supportive of me having a disability and this health condition. My Summary: The older I have gotten the more I have been able to do with taking care of myself and my diet.


I can now make my own formula with supervision and I can do all of my own tube feedings. I only use my tube for my formula. The more we have learned about my daily values the more choices I have to eat regular food at school during lunch and when I am out with my friends. Some of the things that I eat are: apples, bananas, grapes, blueberries, raw tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, green beans cooked mushrooms and onions, fried pickles, pickles, sweet potato soft pretzels, salad, macaroni and cheese, popcorn, crackers, pretzels, goldfish, fruit chews.

Candy: mint chocolate, sour Patch, Jolly ranchers, suckers. My favorite food is Spaghetti. I am also able to keep track of all of my daily values using an app on my phone Myfitness.

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I get more independent all the time. I graduated in May from high school. For my career I want to take care of as many children as I possibly can with all kinds of different special needs and disabilities.

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I want to help them learn and grow just like other normal children. To make this happen, I will be working with Vocational Rehab to explore future job possibilities and the further education I will need to do these jobs. To sum it all up I have to face a lot of challenges in my life especially with learning because of my cognitive delays and learning disability.

And in general I am a very caring and compassionate person. Everyone in my family and at school tells me all the time you are an extremely good friend. I think they are right about that.

Having a disability makes it so that unfortunately I am a little less mature in some ways than other people my age. But sometimes I feel like that is what makes me who I am and also what makes me special.

A lot of people have told me throughout my life in high school that I am a really strong girl. I am a very smart and determined teenager.

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I am always determined to do whatever makes me most happy in life. With faith all things that you want to happen in life are possible you just have to believe in yourself. There are lots of new things I just started doing this year and it has been unbelievable. It has created a whole new world for me. My favorite classes this year are child development and chorus. Last year my favorite class Algebra and I it was really hard for me but I still was able to get a b.

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This year I take biology, world civ, geometry and English. We do a lot of homework and mom has to drink a lot of wine to get through it.

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I get help with making sure my tube feedings get done at school, I do them on my own but I still have an adult to make sure they get done on time.

I take my lunch that mom and I decide on and measure at home. An adult makes sure I eat everything and if I eat something else, I call my mom to check and I bring home the package.

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I like going to school because I get to see my friends everyday. There are some people that make fun of me and are never going to change.

My fishy smell is a big issue. When people bully me I try to go to the principal or the counselor. They try to help but kids don? This year the most exciting thing was starting special Olympics cheer leading. This has opened up So? ia care se intalne?

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te cu Gmail whole new world for me because I made a bunch of new friends. It is a very good sport to do with friends because we work as a team. We went to competitions in Atlanta and here in Lexing-ton.