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First-aid measures Inhalation: In the event of inhaling toxic fumes resulting from detonation or combustion, move the affected person away from the area and take them into the open air. Before moving the affected person away, you must make sure the fumes have completely lifted, or if this is not possible, suitable personal protection equipment should be worn self-contained breathing apparatus, mask with an appropriate filter, etc.

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The risk of a pulmonary oedema is a potential after-effect of this exposure. Contact with eyes: Clean with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, especially under the eyelids.

Site- ul de dating Go sau nu

Seek urgent medical attention. Contact with skin: Clean with plenty of soap and water.

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Ingestion: Seek urgent medical attention. In the event of injuries due to accidental detonation of the product, take the affected person to the nearest hospital. In the event of injuries due to the impact of aerial projections or landslides, take the affected person to the nearest hospital. In the event of a cardio-respiratory arrest, immediately proceed to give basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Contact the doctor. Fire-fighting measures Fire of the product itself. If the fire is very close, or it is in the product itself, do not attempt to put the fire out.

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Move away to a safe distance, cut off the area and warn the authorities. Fire near the product.

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If the fire is near the product, and if there is no risk of explosion, use an Intalnire gratuita in Yonne agent appropriate for the fire. Use individual safety gear appropriate to the type of fire. Accidental release measures Avoid any flame or heat source capable of causing sparks.

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Do not smoke. Avoid any kind of collision or friction. Do not walk on any spilled product.

Site- ul de dating Go sau nu

Cut off the spillage area. Collect the spilled product in watertight containers. Clean up the remaining spilled product with an absorbent material wood sawdustusing tools that do not provoke sparks. Place any left over product in a well-ventilated area away from products which are flammable or oxidants, etc.

Site- ul de dating Go sau nu should be carried out as per section Handling and storage 1. Handling: The presence of Monomethylamine Nitrate crystals make the product more prone to detonation. Handle or transfer the product at temperatures higher than its crystallisation point.

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Never handle the product if there are, or it is suspected that there are Nitrate Monomethylamine crystals. Floors, clothing and shoes used must be anti-static.

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Avoid knocks and sudden movements. Tools used when handling the product must be made of non-ferrous material, such as copper, brass or wood. Storage: Store in premises authorized for these purposes; they should be dry, well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight.

Site- ul de dating Go sau nu

The product must only be stored with materials from permitted compatibility groupings according to transport regulations. Do not store with flammable products, oxidants or primary explosives.

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The product quantities stored must comply with prevailing regulations. Do not smoke or light a fire in the storage warehouses. Specific uses: The product is used as an explosive raw material in preparing explosives for civil use in quarries, general mining and public works.

Transport information.